• An innovative product architecture for signal and data processing
  • We build our softFEP applications from a library of ‘atomic’ software devices
  • The softFEP server platforms support multiple applications, each configured for a specific set of functions
  • Easy-to-edit user interfaces with the softFEP Visualizer GUI

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Telemetry SwDs

Telemetry Receiver
Bit Synchronization
Frame Synchronization
CCSDS Processing
Telemetry Viewer

Commanding SwDs

Ternary/Di-Bit Formatting
SGSL and USB Modulation
Barker Codes

Network SwDs

WAN Transfer

Other SwDs

Data Recording
Data Playback
Bit Error Rate Testers
COMSEC Interfaces

softFEP Architecture

Software Devices

  • softFEP builds on code-generated software devices that are known as SwDs. Each SwD has precise interfaces and performs a discrete processing step.
  • There are over 500 SwDs in the softFEP library.

Processing Chains

  • SwDs are ordered into processing chains that flow data streams from a system’s inputs to its outputs. Complex chains route data down multiple processing paths.
  • Processing within each chain is pipelined and multi-threaded to achieve high performance.


  • softFEP Apps bring together the processing chains and user interface into a full system. Using multiple applications lets each one be streamlined.
  • We have softFEP products with turn-key applications for satellite front end processors, payload processors, modems, data recorders, and network interfaces.

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