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Explore how our solutions perform the critical ground functions needed for space systems.

Introducing signal:IQ, the open-architecture sensor framework that uses adaptive monitoring processes to improve control of systems and processing of data.

RF Communications

Software-defined waveform and protocol processing, signal monitoring, and signal analysis for satellite links.

Data Acquisition and Control

Low-latency monitoring and control for one to thousands of discrete signals and data channels.

Telemetry and Commanding

Protocols, interfaces, and formatting to communicate with space vehicles no matter where the vehicle sits.

Test Automation Systems

Turnkey solutions for factory and launch site testing of space and launch vehicles, network traffic, communication links, and more.

Data Transport and Processing

Conversion of signals and real-time delivery of data between a variety of space ground systems, across a variety of network transport protocols.

Analytics and Evaluation

Data visualizations for analysis, trending, troubleshooting, and diagnostics of space vehicles and space ground system performance.

Expertise and Support

Space programs across hundreds of ground locations rely on AMERGINT solutions. These customers value our expertise and support.


“The AMERGINT products have performed flawlessly.”

“They have consistently gone above and beyond to make my program a success.”

“The many software tools that come with the product provide exceptional value.”

Modems and Baseband Units

Data Transport and Processing

Data Acquisition, Processing, Analytics, and Display

Product Configurability

Our customers rely on the configurability of our products. Built on a common framework, AMERGINT’s product families are software applications tailored to a customer’s specific performance and operating requirements.

All Apps can be delivered for cloud-processing environments or hosted on dedicated servers.

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