AMERGINT and Abaco Systems Talk Electronic Warfare Solutions in the Microwave Journal

Sep 15, 2020

It’s “like building things with Legos.” AMERGINT Technologies and Abaco Systems talk electronic warfare challenges and solutions in a recent Microwave Journal article.

In the dynamic field of electronic warfare (EW) and communication applications, the only constant is change – because governments and militaries face EW threats constantly growing in number and complexity.

To stay ahead of these EW threats, companies must find ways to rapidly build software applications, “from prototype through full operational capability,” using mature and agile processes. AMERGINT and Abaco believe that proven, modular technologies are key and that their combined, modular hardware-software solution fits that bill.

“Like building an “airplane, racecar, or spaceship out of modular loge bricks, the AMERGINT-Abaco technology can build nearly any communication system, data processing or network transport capability using the libraries of modular software devices” and modular hardware.

In other words…small, proven, self-functioning parts can be combined to build large, full functioning, monolithic applications.

To read more about EW challenges and the AMERGINT-Abaco integrated solution (AMERGINT’s SOFTLINK software architecture and Abaco’sVP430 RFSoC hardware platform), read the Microwave Journal (DA: 50, UMV: 83K) article here: The Future of Electronic Warfare Solutions (page 46).