AMERGINT Technologies, Inc. Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary

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AMERGINT Technologies, Inc. Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary

AMERGINT Technologies celebrates its five-year anniversary, and thanks its customers for making AMERGINT products their Innovative Advantage.


Five years ago, AMERGINT focused on advancing the state of architectural efficiency in satellite communication systems. AMERGINT personnel drew upon domain knowledge and experience with hardware, firmware and software implementations to innovate and move the industry to software applications. This led to the creation of a complete line of application software products that are more economical, flexible, and better address the entire life cycle of customer programs.

With the delivery of the first softFEP system in 2009, AMERGINT customers were consistent in their enthusiasm for the new approach. It changes the way satellite ground, test and data acquisition systems are built. Here’s a brief list of the many compliments received in writing over the past five years:

“It just works and it works well. Your products and services are second to none!”

“The AMERGINT products have performed flawlessly.”

“When compared to their competitors they are by far the best value for your dollar.”

“Recognizing all the work that you continue to do in support of your products we’d like to nominate you for the Small Business Administration’s Small Business Subcontractor of the Year award.”

“From a subcontractor/vendor prospective they have beat all of their deadlines and consistently gone above and beyond to make my program a success.”

“The softFEP product is cutting edge and will save you money down the road during sustainment years.”

“The softFEP system worked on the first try. Our previous system took 7 years to get to this point”

“They have implemented it right and thus avoided many of the issues that were previously experienced with other company units.”

“Their product is very flexible in both customization and integration.”

“The softFEP product was easy to integrate and very stable.”

“Their philosophy is to make us happy as a customer and we will provide return business.”

Enabling customer success is AMERGINT’s focus. Today, AMERGINT’s proven softFEP architecture consolidates the functionality of several formerly separate products into a single economical, flexible, and sustainable framework.RF/IF Modems, Front-End Processors, Data Recorders, Tracking Receivers, Network Gateways, Mission Data Processors, Test Executors, and Cryptographic Interface Units all exist as AMERGINT applications that are easier and more cost-effective to develop, test and sustain. It also allows customers to tailor and insert their own processing into existing applications.

AMERGINT Technologies, Inc. is an employee-owned company delivering software-defined signal and protocol processing applications in the satellite ground, test, and data acquisition markets. For more information or to arrange an onsite or web demonstration, contact us directly at 719-522-2800.