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AMERGINT Introduces its New Website

AMERGINT Technologies, Inc. announced it has gone live with a new highly intuitive website that reflects the innovative advantage delivered by their technologies.

According to Sean Conway, AMERGINT’s President, “AMERGINT’s new website reflects the innovative spirit of our people and technologies that delivers significant competitive advantages to our customers daily. Applications ranging from manned operations on NASA’s International Space Station, launching United Launch Alliance’s Atlas and Delta launch vehicles, and flying the GPS satellite constellation all capitalize on the agility, dependability, and low total life-cycle costs delivered by AMERGINT’s products.”

Skip Chang, one of AMERGINT’s co-founders observed, “The new AMERGINT website shows the breadth of products that we’ve been able to field with our innovative and highly efficient SOFTLINK™ architecture. The new AMERGINT website puts the core nuggets of our unique capabilities within one or two clicks for folks who are looking to solve difficult challenges related to satellite operations and test as well as test and launch range telemetry and data systems.”

Keith Coble, another AMERGINT’s leader commented, “Our new website clearly outlines the power of our SOFTLINK architecture to provide enterprise-class, service-oriented solutions for the complete satellite development and operations lifecycle. From high-fidelity emulation of subsystems and systems-of-systems, to seamless transition to test, operations and training, SOFTLINK allows customers to build solutions once and use those solutions throughout their enterprise. Moreover, because SOFTLINK can be deployed on virtual machines in private or public clouds, its offers users the ability to scale and distribute applications on a global basis.”

AG Werschky, AMERGINT's Lead Information Assurance engineer shared, “The new website outlines how our solutions are delivered on Common Criteria certified Linux platforms that we security harden. This provides our customers with an extra level of assurance that the systems they deploy are as robust as possible. Information Assurance is becoming increasingly important in our world of modern cyber threats. Knowing your systems are built from the ground up with secure operations in mind is reassuring.”

AMERGINT’s new website focuses on their core product offerings including satellite front-end processors (FEPs), satellite modems and baseband units, payload processors, data recorders, satellite test systems, system emulation, range data systems, and launch site systems. All of AMERGINT’s products are built on their SOFTLINK architecture which runs on Linux servers which is also highlighted on their new website.

AMERGINT will be exhibiting at the upcoming International Telemetry Conference (ITC) in Las Vegas, NV from October 27-29, 2015. Be sure to stop by and find out more about AMERGINT’s innovative advantage.

About AMERGINT Technologies, Inc.
AMERGINT provides software-defined, network-centric, signal/protocol/data processing systems for space/satellite/aerospace telemetry, commanding, ground infrastructure, test, launch site operations, test range data systems, simulation/emulation, and mission critical data acquisition. For more information or to arrange a demonstration, contact Keith Coble directly at 719-323-2845.