AMERGINT Supports 10 Gbps Satellite Links

Apr 3, 2017

“We are delivering software applications in support of 10 Gbps satellite links across the full range of softFEP product functions.” noted Skip Chang, AMERGINT Vice President.

AMERGINT has a comprehensive suite of products for customers needing to capture, transfer, and process high rate data links.

Payload Processors ingest continuous Ethernet packets at the full 10 Gbps wire rate down to packet sizes as low as 64 bytes. That’s a packet transaction rate of more than fourteen million packets per second.
Recorders store the high rate downlink reliably to disk where the files can be transferred to a local archive system or moved across a wide area network.

Network Gateways use our algorithms to add error recovery information, and this allows paired softFEP systems to use UDP as the transport protocol and improve the WAN’s QoS. Mission downlinks can be moved in real time from antenna site to processing locations, without the need for retransmits over the network.
With all systems, data quality processing occurs in real time during receipt, while playback functions flow the data through post-processing software for more sophisticated analysis.

The 10G XAUI Conversion Module seamlessly connects these software functions to non-Ethernet interfaces. It can also convert data streams between XAUI (QSFP) and 10GigE (SFP+).

“With continual innovation, softFEP software applications have kept up with our customers demand for higher data rates.” said Rob Andzik, AMERGINT’s President. “400 Mbps links became 3 Gbps links and are now moving to 10 Gbps.”

Skip Chang quickly added, “Product developments underway are moving that forward to 100 Gbps.”