AMERGINT’s Rob Andzik Featured in Global Military Communications Magazine

Sep 10, 2020

AMERGINT’s Rob Andzik was featured in the August 2020 issue of Global Military Communications Magazine. In a Q&A session focused on remaining resilient to cyber threats, Andzik, a Senior Fellow at AMERGINT, talked about the emerging nature of Electronic Warfare (EW) and how AMERGINT is “a shield against these new threats.”

“It’s hard to imagine what a cyber-attack would really look like,” Andzik said when asked how critical our reliance on electronics has become. “Everything from key processes like agriculture down to something as personal as daily communications are reliant on electronics, and therefore at risk of this emerging threat.”

Andzik added that “That’s doubly so when you’re talking about military entities.” The resilience to tolerate an attack is “something we simply cannot afford to ignore.”

Although there is still much to be discovered about the cyber domain and its potential threats, Andzik assured GMC that AMERGINT is committed to forming reliable partnerships to ensure customer safety. “We protect some of the most essential links in the world” and “we couldn’t take that responsibility more seriously.”

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