RF Conversion Capability in the softFEP-9000™ TT&C Modem Announced

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AMERGINT Technologies announced today general availability of the softFEP-9000SL™ Telemetry, Tracking & Commanding (TT&C) Modem at RF frequencies. The softFEP-9000SL transmits and receives in the standard S-band, unified S-band and L-band frequencies used for spacecraft TT&C.


The softFEP-9000 is a TT&C modem. With the addition of S and L band RF conversion capability customers have flexibility to digitize signals at the antenna and send baseband data to a COTS server for modem processing. AMERGINT Cofounder and Systems Architect Jeff Papenfuss says, “With the softFEP-9000SL, our softFEP™ architecture processes signals from RF to the satellite control station. softFEP is re-defining satellite ground station architectures.” The softFEP-9000SL joins the AMERGINT family of softFEP applications enabling end-to-end software processing, simulation, data storage and automated testing. The softFEP-9000SL includes drag-and-drop GUI customization that creates views into the modem’s status and control.

The softFEP-9000SL modem supports the traditional TT&C waveforms including SGLS, USB, and TDRSS. A USB-only version is available for international markets. Custom waveforms are implemented in software on a commodity server platform using AMERGINT’s innovative FEPlab™ integrated development environment. Jeff also added, “When the softFEP-9000 is combined with FEPlab, customers have the ability to modify delivered applications and inject their own intellectual property into any softFEP system. Many customers appreciate the opportunity to modify systems autonomously and softFEP combined with FEPlab™ gives customers this unique ability.”

AMERGINT Technologies, Inc. is an employee owned company delivering software-defined signal protocol processing applications primarily in the satellite ground, test, launch and UAS markets. For more information or to arrange a demonstration, contact Jeff Papenfuss directly at 719-522-2812.