Announcing SOFTLINK Telemetry Processing

Apr 16, 2018

AMERGINT expands SOFTLINK capabilities to include telemetry data processing, decommutation, and display

AMERGINT announces expanded product capabilities for launch ranges, launch vehicle providers, and satellite operators. The company’s telemetry processing software has recently been used in a shadow capacity with two launches from Cape Canaveral. The software processed launch vehicle telemetry links from multiple sources, decommutated telemetry parameters, performed measurand conversion, and displayed critical range safety parameters in real time.

The telemetry processing capability is a valuable addition to AMERGINT’s suite of software devices and integrates directly with other SOFTLINK functions. The measurand processing is designed for both launch vehicle and satellite telemetry. Measurands are decommutated and converted to engineering units in software, with derived parameters generated off of this data.

“Watching the rocket data flow through our system was exhilarating.” said Tony Guidry, Director of Launch Range products at AMERGINT. “The combination of our agile SOFTLINK architecture with real time telemetry processing provides real value to the range operators.”

Data can be displayed in real time, and in parallel, placed into a time-series database that combines the vehicle telemetry with ground status information to provide full situational awareness of a launch or of your ground system. The time-series database can also maintain telemetry data over the full lifespan of a satellite or across multiple launches of a rocket.

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