Delivery of GPS Ground Station TT&C Modem/BBUs Completed

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AMERGINT Technologies has completed delivery of satTRAC™ modems/BBUs to the US Air Force for the Global Positioning System (GPS) ground stations.


"With satTRAC the Air Force now has a TT&C software modem that fully supports the existing GPS satellite constellation."

According to Keith Coble, AMERGINT’s Vice President of Marketing and Sales, “satTRAC Space-Ground Link System (SGLS) Modem/BBU’s were competitively selected to provide the next generation of Telemetry, Tracking, and Commanding for GPS Satellites. The innovative design of satTRAC was instrumental in enabling the project to progress rapidly from PDR to live satellite testing and delivery.”

Full functionality of the satTRAC modem/BBU was verified against on-orbit IIA, IIF and IIR GPS spacecraft from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. AMERGINT engineers easily configured satTRAC’s software processing chains for the GPS mission. satTRAC’s industry-leading architecture enabled rapid customization of satTRAC interfaces to match the legacy system without requiring changes to the existing GPS command and control software.

“With satTRAC the Air Force now has a TT&C software modem that fully supports the existing GPS satellite constellation. And once the program office finalizes the GPS-III interfaces, satTRAC can also support GPS-III with a simple onsite software update,” said Jeff Papenfuss, Vice President of AMERGINT’s Waveform Products Group.
satTRAC is supported by AMERGINT’s Technology Refresh Program™ (TRP) which allows customers to futureproof their satTRAC Modem/BBUs. This innovative technology dramatically lowers the total cost of ownership as well as reducing long-term program risk.

AMERGINT’s satTRAC Modem/BBU is available with IF or RF interfaces improving the availability and maintainability as compared to legacy architectures. satTRAC’s graphical user interface allows users to create nearly limitless views of information ranging from simple operator displays to complex engineering screens including high performance virtual instruments such as real-time spectrum analyzers.

satTRAC units can also be configured with additional functionality including Front End Processors (FEPs), Data Recorders, and Network Gateways. All AMERGINT products utilize the same seamless software-based architecture. In most cases additional functions can be added by a simple in-field software upgrade.
About AMERGINT Technologies

AMERGINT provides software-defined signal/protocol processing, telemetry, and commanding solutions for space/satellite ground infrastructure, test, launch, simulation/emulation, and data acquisition markets. For more information or to arrange a satTRAC demonstration, contact Jeff Papenfuss directly at 719-522-2812. AMERGINT Technologies is an employee owned company based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.