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Brochure and Product Information
Solutions for ground networks and satellite operations centers

softFEP Overview Brochure

Overview of softFEP system. Satellite Telemetry and Command Applications
Flexible Processing and Network Transport for Distributed Ground Systems


Data Recorder

Recorder for serial and IP data streams. Data quality monitors perform realtime analysis of the data being recorded. Playback, export, and import recordings.


Network Appliance

Connect serial data streams to ethernet networks. Low-cost network appliance includes multiple applications



WAN-EX Apps encode network packets to transport high rate data streams while improving the underlying WAN’s Quality of Service


T&C Front End Processor

Front End Processor for satellite control centers, Telemetry and command processing,
Full CCSDS support


Payload Processor

Record and process satellite payload data streams at rates up to 10 Gbps. Receive, process, store, playback, and transfer data.


Network Front End Processor

Network Gateway transports data streams over wide area networks. Serial and IP telemetry and command data. Packet FEC algorithms improve performance.



High-density serial, TTL, and timing PCIe interface with flexible I/O panel options.


Brochure and Product Information

Solutions for satellite antenna sites

TT&C Modem Brochure

Overview of satTRAC Modems. High-Performance, High-Availability Modem/BBU for
TT&C, Payload, and Satellite Test


70 MHz Modem Performance - Portable

The satTRAC 70 MHz Suitcase Tester is a fully functional software modem hosted on a portable server and packaged in an optional airline checkable wheeled transit case.


USB Application AppSheet

This document summarize the specifications for the Universal S-Band (USB) application


Channel Emulator AppSheet

Accurately emulate what happens to your satellite signals from the transmit antenna to the receive LNA, for both uplink and downlink.


Request DataSheet for Legacy System

Brochure and Product Information

Solutions for spacecraft, launch vehicle, and missile test systems

inSIGHT Brochure

Overview of AMERGINT’s inSIGHT products providing Data Acquisition, Processing, Analytics, and Display


inSIGHT Telemetry Overview

Acquire and process launch vehicle, missile, and satellite data with inSIGHT Telemetry’s suite of telemetry applications


inSIGHT Telemetry SpecSheet

Full-Function Telemetry Acquisition and Processing



New to the industry? Or just want to learn about new innovative technologies?

Really Simple Introduction to Satellite Links

High Rate Processing 10 Gbps Links

Virtual Ground Stations

Quick Synopsis of Space Link Extension

Private Cloud Architectures and the KS-252

Satellite Telemetry Time Tagging

Digital IF and Software Defined Modems

Time Data Correlation of Serial Data Streams

WAN Forward Error Correction

Data Recording Using Commercial Servers

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