Introducing satTRAC Analytics for Efficiently Managing Satellite TT&C Links

Mar 6, 2017

Jeff Papenfuss, AMERGINT’s Vice President of Waveform products, said “This new capability adds another dimension to satTRAC’s already extensive software toolset for quickly isolating and correcting issues with TT&C links. With the increasing size of constellations and the migration to lower-cost, less robust satellites, we anticipate that operators will be dealing with an increase in the frequency and complexity of anomalies. The satTRAC Analytics software provides the necessary insight to address these challenges quickly with little or no disruption to operations.”

Keith Coble, AMERGINT’s Vice President of Business Development invites anyone that would like to learn more about the satTRAC Modem/BBU and this interesting new capability to stop by the AMERGINT booth at the Satellite 2017 show for a demonstration. “This and the many other software tools that come with the satTRAC system provide exceptional value beyond what is expected of a typical TT&C Modem. Satellite operations centers and constellations of the future will demand the flexibility and insight that satTRAC offers.”

“This is further evidence that the reliability of our satTRAC modems coupled with the ability to seamlessly add new capabilities gives our customers unprecedented flexibility for handling future requirements.” said Rob Andzik, AMERGINT’s President. “Our pure software modem and ground segment products are used on many mission critical systems, including the GPS constellation, Atlas V launch vehicle and the International Space Station. We fully understand the responsibility and the trust placed in us, and we are committed to providing the best talent, products, and customer support possible.”