Product Compatibility with Innoflight, Inc.’s Software Defined Radio and Cybersecurity Products

Feb 5, 2018

AMERGINT and Innoflight announce the two companies have worked closely together over the last year to ensure turn-key compatibility between their product lines. Customers making use of Innoflight products on their satellites and AMERGINT products in their ground systems can be assured of on-orbit RF link performance.

AMERGINT’s satTRAC Modems and softFEP Front End Processors work in conjunction with the Innoflight Software-Defined Compact Radio (SCR) family of radios and cyber/ COMSEC devices for space-ground communication. Integration of the products helps customers streamline their development and test cycles, enabling rapid response to changing mission needs and environments. Software flexibility in both Innoflight and AMERGINT products provide support for multiple missions across varying security domains.

satTRAC is AMERGINT’s pure software satellite TT&C Modem which supports a wide range of flight radios and associated waveforms. satTRAC is ideally suited for satellite operators and manufacturers seeking a long-term, sustainable and economical solution for their ground station and satellite test requirements. softFEP systems extend those benefits back into the control center.

Innoflight’s SCR family of high performing compact space radios can switch among multiple waveforms for on-orbit communications ranging in frequencies from UHF through Ka-band. The SCRs are about the size of a square hockey puck but are qualified for the space environment supporting data rates up to 120 Mbps. Innoflight is uniquely qualified to offer its own cybersecurity and communications security (COMSEC) systems as part of their integrated SCR product offering.

To discuss how AMERGINT and Innoflight can fast-track your mission, please contact Andrew Strange (AMERGINT) at 719-522-2822, or David Andaleon (Innoflight) at 858-332-0960.

AMERGINT Technologies, Inc. is an employee-owned company delivering signal, protocol and data processing software applications for satellite ground infrastructure, satellite test, launch operations, test range infrastructure, and large scale data acquisition.

Innoflight, Inc., is a veteran-owned company specializing in the design, prototype, and test of advanced and highly integrated solutions in computing, cyber security, and software-defined signal processing – meeting the rise of miniaturization in modern aerospace systems.