AMERGINT solutions bring innovation to space systems. Whether it’s updating legacy ground systems or implementing new cloud-based architectures, our products are solutions for customers.

Our three product families address the full spectrum of

Signal, Network, and Data Processing 

  • Terabytes of satellite data reliably delivered to data centers around the world
  • Payload, telemetry, and command data securely processed in control centers
  • Voice, internet, video, and science data between earth and manned space
  • Satellite TT&C modems for cubesat, smallsat, and geostationary satellites
  • High-rate modems for earth receipt of payload downlinks
  • Ground network transport protocols such as CCSDS
  • Ground support equipment to verify spacecraft in the factory and at the launch site
  • Analytics for rapid analysis, diagnostics, and troubleshooting
From 5 kg to as large as 400,000 kg

AMERGINT connects users to their space systems.

But we do more than make space connections happen.

We ensure space missions succeed.

Modems • Network Gateways • Front End Processors
Recorders • Data Acquisition • Data Display

softFEP Applications

Ground Networks and Operation Centers 

Guaranteed satellite data delivery to private and public clouds

softFEP WAN-Express transports real time data at multi-Gbps rates

Technology upgrades around new architectures and COMSEC devices

Defense, intelligence, and civil programs leverage softFEP’s extensibility

Reliable data communications to manned space missions

softFEP Processors support the ISS, Cygnus, Starliner, Dreamchaser, and Orion

satTRAC Modems

Antenna Site Spacecraft Communications

Compatibility tested with a majority of GEO spacecraft busses

Satellite operators use satTRAC Modems with confidence

LEO smallsat flight radio interoperability

satTRAC Modems reduce time and risk for new satellites


Spacecraft Testing and Launch Operations 

Modernized instrumentation systems for launch operations

inSIGHT achieves low-latency and analytics for hundreds of vital signals

EGSE re-use from one program to the next

Nearly all US spacecraft integrators use inSIGHT systems in their factories

Test systems for complex RF communications

Waveform development for missile radio links

Across our three product families, AMERGINT has delivered more than 2,500 applications that support mission-critical links.

Configurability that’s inherent in the architecture enables product family functions to combine, matching each customer’s unique architecture and requirements.

Customers rely on our engineering support and product extensions as missions evolve.