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softFEP Front Ends

  • softFEP Front Ends support a number of satellite programs for the DoD, NRO, and other agencies.
  • AMERGINT systems interface with NSA-approved encryption devices for command, telemetry, and mission data.

Photo Credit: RekonDog at English Wikipedia
Photo Credit: RekonDog at English Wikipedia

satTRAC Modems

  • satTRAC Modems support the TT&C links for the GPS Constellation.
  • There are waveforms for commercial satellites, TDRS, plus SGLS and USB standards.

Artist Interpretation of GPS satellite, image courtesy of NASA
Artist Interpretation of GPS satellite, image courtesy of NASA

softFEP Payload Processors

  • softFEP systems process the International Space Station’s Voice, Data, Video, Telemetry, and Commands.
  • AMERGINT systems process the CCSDS Virtual Channels and use the SLE protocol for ground communications.

Credit: NASA
Photo Credit: NASA

softFEP Data Recorders

  • softFEP Data Recorders record and playback data streams.
  • softFEP and satTRAC systems are used in support of NOAA’s GOES-R satellite.

Credit: NASA/NOAA GOES Project
Photo Credit: NASA/NOAA GOES Project

Range / Launch Site Systems

  • softFEP Data Acquisition Systems are being installed for the Atlas and Delta launch vehicles.
  • Thousands of sensor measurements are collected and processed, providing vital real time data to the launch control system.

Credit: US Navy
Photo Credit: US Navy

Satellite Test Systems

  • Satellite test sets have been delivered to many spacecraft manufacturers.
  • AMERGINT products are integrated into turn-key EGSE racks.

Photo Credit: Ball Aerospace
Photo Credit: Ball Aerospace

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Each AMERGINT product is delivered with one or more Apps specific to your processing requirements.
From your satellite's RF signal to the network transport to your operations center processing, we'll personalize any product to your needs.



Apps are built using modular software devices--each performing a specific function and easily linked together. This architecture enables most functions to be deployed on any product.

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  • AFSCN Interface
  • CCSDS Processing
  • Command Formatting
  • Command Modulation
  • COMSEC Interfaces
  • Data Playback
  • Data Recording
  • Downlink Processing
  • Frame Synchronization
  • High Data Rate Receivers
  • Network Protocols
  • Payload Data Processing
  • Satellite Ranging
  • Space Link Extension
  • Telemetry Receiver
  • TT&C Modem
  • Uplink Processing