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Front End Processor

  • Process telemetry and command data streams in satellite control centers.
  • Connect satellite control centers with networked antenna sites.
  • Fully software-defined and customer-configurable.

Front End Processor server

Software Applications

T&C Front End Processor Apps

  • Red and black front ends connect to NSA Type-1 COMSEC devices.
  • Telemetry frame synchronization, with optional CCSDS processing. Transmits the time-tagged frames to your T&C software.
  • Command formatting builds the uplink data stream and checks the command echo.

Datasheet Datasheet

Network Front End Processor


  • Network gateway for telemetry and command streams being sent across a wide area network.
  • Supports Space Link Extension (SLE) and most standard IP protocols.
  • May be single units on one side or paired across the WAN.

Datasheet Datasheet

AFSCN Front End Processor App

  • Implements the ADCCP Protocol. ADCCP is a serial protocol used by the AFSCN.
  • Formats the command uplink per SIS-508, supporting both C/C/S and EXU formats.



VCDUs, CLTUs, Space Packets, SLE, and more.
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Modem/COMSEC Interfaces
A full range of devices are supported.

Data Recording
Data archiving can be added too.

Customer Configurable
Our drag-and-drop GUI Visualizer lets you engineer the display.





Photo Credit: NASA
Photo Credit: NASA