Ground Support Equipment and Software

AMERGINT integrates our suite of RF communications, data acquisition and telemetry processing products into turn-key systems our customers use for precise monitoring and automated testing.

The inSIGHT systems allow customization to today’s specific EGSE requirements while retaining the flexibility to adapt to the next program and the next one after that.

Turn-key EGSE

Fully integrated systems
for factory and launch site tests

Monitor and Control

High Channel Count
Analog, Digital, and Relay Control.

Data Analytics

Monitor, Trend, and Analyze
Time-Ordered Information

  • inSIGHT’s software-based configurability delivers common EGSE that supports multiple spacecraft or launch vehicles.
  • Integration with your existing test software and test scripts to protect your investment in automation.
  • Multi-channel monitoring and control allows customers to interface with sensors, gauges, probes, and switches used for testing complex aerospace platforms.
  • Full support for telemetry acquisition, decommutation, EU conversion, processing, recording, and display.
  • Factory test the operational RF and hardline communications links.
End-to-End Data Processing
Display and Analysis
Data Acquisition / Control Boards
64-Channel Analog/Discrete In
32-Channel Analog Out
64-Channel Discrete Out
32-Channel Relay Control
8-Channel Simultaneous Sampling
Telemetry Links
Receiver/Bit Sync
Source Selector
Data Distribution
Platform Control and Monitoring
Discrete Signals
Power Control and Monitoring
Power Sequencing
Power Monitoring
Emergency Power Off
Telemetry Processing
Excel, XML, and JSON Format Definitions
TMoIP, Serial, Analog Inputs
Simulation and Loopback


Time-Data Correlation of Serial Data Streams

nDAQ 4-slot chassis