Payload Processors

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Payload Processors

  • Receive and process high-rate downlink data streams.
  • Perform error detection and correction on each downlink.
  • Fully software-defined and customer-configurable.

Ingest, Recording, and Processing
up to 10Gbps

Payload Processor

Software Applications

  • Frame synchronizes your payload’s downlink data streams and transmits processed frames.

  • Performs optional CCSDS processing (Reed-Solomon decoding, VCDU processing).

  • The playback feature supports test loops or metering.

Payload Processor GUI

Serial Input Channels

Single, dual, or quad I/O channels, with up to 600 Mbps per channel.

Network Input Channels

Ingest at full 10-GigE input rates with real time data storage.


Fully integrated with ViaSat’s line of VHR Modems.

Aerial view of Denver Mile High Stadium (Original and New). One of the types of images made available with AMERGINT equipment.
Post Processed Satellite Imagery. (Go Broncos!)

High-Speed Interfaces
Connect to your modem via Ethernet, LVDS, or ECL.

Data Recording
RAID-5 disk array with a multi-Terabyte storage capacity.

CCSDS Processing
Reed-Solomon decoding,
de-interleaving, and
VCDU processing in real time.

Delivered specific to your requirements.