Satellite Test Systems

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Satellite Test Systems

  • Integration of our standard products into turn-key test racks.
  • Supports factory testing and launch site checkout.
  • Configurable to support multiple satellite families.

Process the satellite's telemetry, command, and payload data streams



Hardline Interfaces

Process the satellite’s telemetry and command data streams, including decryption and encryption.

RF Interfaces

Test the telemetry downlink and command uplink at their transmitted frequencies.

Wideband Interfaces

High rate modems and payload processors capture wideband downlinks from the satellite’s payload.


Our Product Configurability Extends Your Investment

No more buying point solutions … get a long term return on your investment.

There are multiple waveforms for the satTRAC Modems and configurable Apps for the softFEP Front Ends.

The Satellite Test Racks can be updated to respond to the requirements for your next satellite and the next.

Photo Credit: VAFB/Randy Beaudoin
Photo Credit: VAFB/Randy Beaudoin