Network Gateway, Front End Applications,
and WAN-EX

softFEP Network Gateway and
Front End Applications

softFEP Apps are deployed virtually on cloud architectures or hosted on dedicated servers. The Apps perform control center data formatting and interface conversion for commands and telemetry, with full support for NSA Type 1 and AES encryption/decryption devices.

Network Gateways

Real time data transport between Earth stations and control centers

Front End Processors

Format data for encryption and
decryption devices

Telemetry and Command

Interface with T&C Software

  • Apps are fully configurable relative to features, functions, interfaces, and number of data streams.
  • Full support for CCSDS Blue Books.
  • 10 Gbps Payload
    20Mbps Serial TM
    5Mbps Serial TC
  • Server or Cloud Hosted.
  • Custom Configurations.
Ingest Data Rates up to 10 Gbps
Frame Synchronization
Time-Tagging (IRIG/NTP)
Simulated Streams
Spacing and Timed-Release
Echo Checks
Space Packets
Space Link Extensions (SLE)
Reed Solomon/Error Correction
COMSEC Devices
All Legacy MYK-xx
Other (Call to inquire)
Ethernet (UDP, TCP/IP, WAN-EX)
Serial (RS-422/TTL)
High Rate Digital (LVDS, NECL, CML)
Other Functions
Data Recording
Loopback Tests
Data Display


Private Cloud Architectures and the KS-252
A Quick Synopsis of Space Link Extension (SLE)
WAN Forward Error Correction for Real Time Data Streams
Satellite Telemetry Time Tagging

MFDM-2 Card

softFEP Server

softFEP WAN-Express

softFEP Network Gateways transport real time data streams between earth terminals and operations centers. Ideally suited for moving high rate data streams to cloud processing or dedicated systems.
  • Application Layer above UDP that Provides Reliable Data Transport

  • Designed for Moving Multi-Gbps real time data to the cloud


  • Forward Error Correction and Lost Packet Recovery Avoid Costly Retransmission


  • Server or Cloud Hosted


  • Tailored to Customer Requirements


Guaranteed Delivery
Data Interleaving
Error Correction Encoding
Configurable QoS
Application Layer
WAN-EX Transmit Protocol
WAN-EX Receive Protocol
Data Transport Rates
Up to 19.2 Gbps
Up to 9.2 Gbps
Error Recovery
Lost Packets
Out of Order Packets
Duplicate Packets
Burst Network Outages
Network Layer
Packet Overhead
<5%, 8 Gbps Data Stream ~8%, 1 Gbps Data Stream
Physical Layer
1, 10, 20, 40, 100-GigE