Introducing satTRAC – Software Satellite Telemetry, Ranging, and Commanding Modem/Baseband Unit

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AMERGINT Technologies announced the introduction of satTRAC software satellite modem/baseband unit for satellite telemetry, ranging and commanding.


satTRAC is a pure software telemetry, ranging, and commanding modem/BBU with all waveform processing accomplished in structured, re-usable software modules powered by AMERGINT’s softLINKTM architecture. Designed explicitly to achieve a long life-cycle and low maintenance costs, satTRAC leverages a mature hardware and software framework successfully deployed since 2011 on vital commercial, civil, and DoD satellite programs.

Running on high-availability commercial off-the-shelf servers, satTRAC provides an economical highly reliable low risk alternative to legacy technologies. Utilizing a standard distribution Linux operating system it is easily cyber-hardened and maintained for increased operational security.

Jeff Papenfuss, AMERGINT’s Vice President of Waveform Products remarked, “satTRAC leverages decades of waveform processing expertise. It delivers exceptional value, reliability, and ease of integration with existing ground infrastructure and software. Its floating-point based waveform processing delivers performance that exceeds traditional fixed point devices. Coupled with AMERGINT’s world-class support and dedication to reduced total life-cycle cost, satTRAC is the economical high-performance choice for customers seeking to enhance and improve their ground infrastructure.”

Applications for satTRAC include USB for commercial fixed and mobile spacecraft operators, SGLS for the Air Force’s Satellite Control Network (AFSCN), and TDRSS for NASA for space communications. satTRAC is available with IF and RF signal converters which can be located remotely from the signal processing enabling advanced ground station architectures.

AMERGINT’s unique Technology Refresh Program (TRP) helps customers future-proof their investment by delivering exceptionally low life-cycle costs. Moreover, satTRAC Modem/BBUs do not require an export license for most international sales from the U.S. and are treated as “no license required” (NLR) by the United States Department of Commerce.

AMERGINT is demonstrating satTRAC at the Satellite 2015 show in Washington, D.C. March 17-19, 2015.

AMERGINT provides software-defined signal/protocol processing, telemetry, and commanding solutions for space/satellite ground infrastructure, test, launch, simulation/emulation, and data acquisition markets. For more information or to arrange a satTRAC demonstration, contact Jeff Papenfuss directly at 719-522-2812.