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Recorder for telemetry and command data streams

Data quality monitors perform realtime analysis of the data being recorded

Playback, export, and import recordings

Useful in factory test, launch site, and on-orbit operations


  • Record Multiple Telemetry and Command Data Streams. The raw data streams, along with meta-data are stored to the softFEP’s RAID5 disk storage. The specific input channels to be recorded is configurable. Serial RS-422 inputs and network inputs are supported.
  • Real Time Data Analysis while Recording. The input data streams are routed to one or more domain-specific data analyzers. These data quality monitors generate status information, error logs, and statistics about the data being recorded for display.
  • Playback of the Recordings. The Playback of a Recording is configurable, allowing all or only a subset of the channels to be recorded.
  • Simultaneous Recording and Playback Sessions. Recording and Playback on the softFEP Data Recorder are independent and can occur simultaneously. There can be one active Recording, one active Playback, or an active Recording and an active Playback.
  • Scheduling of Recording and Playback Operations. The softFEP provides a Scheduling function that allows the user to schedule Recording Sessions to start/stop at a prescribed future time. The same is true for being able to schedule Playback Sessions.
  • Management of the Stored Recordings. The softFEP provides for automated management of the RAID5 storage subsystem to ensure adequate space for future recordings. The automated “clean-up” is typically configured to remove the oldest recordings first. Any recording can be “Preserved,” protecting it from being auto-deleted.
  • Export of Recordings to Removable Media. Recordings can be exported to removable media such as DVD, CD, USB drive, or a removable disk drive. This allows recordings to be archived permanently or to be moved between softFEP Recorders.
  • Import of Recordings from Removable Media. Recordings from any other softFEP Recorder can be imported to the RAID5 disk storage subsystem. This allows the Recordings to be used for a Playback Session at a different physical location, using removable media to transport the Recordings.

Functional Specifications
Data Recording
  • Five Input Channels (Expandable) Up to 20 Mbps Each
  • One Optional High Speed Input Up to 600 Mbps
RAID5 Storage 3 TB,
Expandable to User Requirements
Data Analyzers Dead Clock, Static Data, Frame Syncs
Error Correction Reed-Solomon
Data Playback
  • Five Output Channels (Expandable) Up to 20 Mbps Each
  • One Optional High Speed Output Up to 600 Mbps
Export Archive to Removeable Media
DVD, CD, USB, Removable Disk
Import File Transfer Between Recorders
  • Recordings Management
  • Scheduling

Interfaces Specifications
Input Channels RS-422 Data/Clock, HD-26
High Speed Input Channel ECL or LVDS Data/Clock, SMB
Output Channels RS-422 Data/Clock, HD-26
High Speed Output Channel ECL or LVDS Data/Clock, SMB
Ethernet (10/100/1000) RJ-45
Network Protocols UDP, TCP/IP
Optional I/F TTL I/O Panel

Physical / Environmental Specifications
  • 3.5”(H) x 30” (D) x 17.5” (W)
Power 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 500 Watts
  • 5-30°C Operating
  • 0-35°C Non-Operating
Humidity < 90% Non-Condensing