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IRIG 106 Chapter 10 Recorder

5 Channel PCM Recorder in a 1U network appliance

RS-422 and UDP output

IRIG-B precision timing for recording and playback


  • IRIG 106 Chapter 10.Leverage the advantages of standards-based formats and tools to store, process and analyze your data.
  • RS-422 PCM Recording and Playback. Record and playback 5 channels with time using a single .ch10 file.
  • Live and Playback Chapter 10 UDP Output. Send live frames to Chapter 10 UDP compliant decommutators. Send playback frames later to re-run contact processing.
  • IRIG-B Timestamping. Each channel is hardware timestamped with IRIG-B and Recorded for precision timing.
  • IRIG-B Playback Time Regeneration. Playback of PCM data is aligned to a generated IRIG-B output.
  • Network Centric Operations Concept. Control and status from a web browser or open standard GEMS (Ground Equipment Monitoring Service) network machine-to-machine interface. Upload and download files using file transfer protocol (FTP) or USB storage.
  • Solid State Storage. 300 GB high performance solid state drive enables simultaneous recording and playback.
  • Data Quality Monitors. Each channel provides real-time data quality indicators for Dead Clock, Data Transition Density, Frame Sync Lock Status.
  • Data Visibility. Use web browser based GUI to see the frame data as it is received or played back.
  • Test Capability. PCM Loopback capability and integrated 5 channel BERT capability.

IRIG 106 Data Specifications
UDP Transmission
Setup Record
  • Computer Generated Data Format 1
  • Version 2
  • IRIG 106 Chapter 9
Time Data
  • Time Data Format 1
  • Day, Month and Year Format
PCM Data
  • PCM Data Format 1
  • Intra-Packet Header
  • 16 Bit

Physical / Environmental Specifications
  • 1.75”(H) x 6” (D) x 17.5” (W)
Power 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5 Watts
  • 5-30°C Operating
  • 0-35°C Non-Operating
Humidity < 90% Non-Condensing

Functional Specifications
Serial Telemetry Data/Clock
IRIG Time Resolution 10 nanoseconds
IRIG Accuracy 100 microseconds
User Interface Browser (Flash Plug-in)
Monitor and Control GEMS
System Set-up Linux

Interface Specifications
Serial Inputs Up to 5
Serial Outputs Up to 5
Electrical Interface (Serial Ports) RS-422 (optional TTL I/O Panel)
Serial I/O Data Rates Up to 20 Mbps per Channel
Clock/Data Polarity Configurable
Ethernet Ports Two 1-GigE
UDP Clients Multiple
UDP Transmitters Up to 10