AMERGINT builds software applications in close partnership with our customers.

Our software applications are proven to have:

Reliability essential for manned space
Cyber Security needed for the intelligence community
Agility to power new space applications

Manned Space

Earth Observation

Satellite Launch

On-Orbit Operations


National Programs

Telecomm GEO

LEO SmallSats

Ground Networks

Satellite Test

Our business is built on long-term customer partnerships.

After spending time with our customers at their white board, understanding their program, discussing their architecture, we deliver products with the system performance to exceed today’s requirements, plus the built-in extensibility for tomorrow.

AMERGINT solutions enable mission-critical communications

RF Communications

Our modems offer superior link performance for satellite telemetry, command, and payload data. Waveforms and protocol processing are fully configurable.

Terrestrial Transport

Network gateways move data between antenna sites and satellite operations centers. We can deliver continuous real time data at up to 20 Gbps.


Front end processors support the link protocols, COMSEC interfaces, formatting, synchronization, and timing required for TT&C software to communicate with on-orbit spacecraft.

Cloud Computing

Customers have deployed our software applications on cloud-computing architectures for more than five years. You’ll soon find our products in the Amazon Ground marketplace.


We offer a range of standardized network communication protocols that are interoperable with Commercial, NASA, and AirForce network services.

Cyber Security

All AMERGINT systems offer STIG system hardening to fend off cyber-attacks. Periodic system updates are fully regression tested.


Powerful data analytics tools give our customers new insight into their satellite/launch vehicle state-of-health and ground system performance.

Data Acquisition/Control

Satellite factory test and launch site operations require low-latency monitor and control of hundreds or thousands of discrete signals and data channels.

We appreciate our customers and their trust and confidence in our capabilities.