Successful Modem/BBU Compatibility Testing with SSL and Intelsat Completed

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AMERGINT Technologies, Space Systems/Loral (SSL) and Intelsat have successfully completed Telemetry, Ranging and Commanding using AMERGINT's satTRAC(TM) Modem/Baseband Unit (Modem/BBU) to an operational on-orbit satellite. AMERGINT's satTRAC Modem/BBU, installed at Intelsat's Mountainside ground station facility in Hagerstown, MD, was controlled remotely from SSL's Mission Control Center in Palo Alto, CA.


The tests were conducted to demonstrate full operational compatibility of the satTRAC Modem/BBU with satellites manufactured by SSL and flown by Intelsat. Over the three days of testing satTRAC established connections to both older and more recently launched SSL 1300 satellites.

"We are extremely happy with the performance of AMERGINT's software modem", said Scott Steinberg, Manager, Mission Engineering & Operations, at SSL. "This demonstration, as well as testing we have already completed on satellites currently under construction, establishes satTRAC as our baseline ground unit. The economies gained from AMERGINT’s architecture and ease of integration made qualification of satTRAC a compelling priority.”

“AMERGINT is grateful to SSL and Intelsat for their contributions in achieving this critical milestone. It is remarkable how quickly this effort came together. It is a testament to the engineers at SSL and Intelsat as well as a demonstration of the ease of integration of satTRAC with existing satellites and infrastructure,” remarked Jeff Papenfuss, Vice President of AMERGINT's Waveform Products Group.

“Intelsat was the logical choice to perform the testing as we have the right personnel, facilities and on-orbit satellites to accomplish the effort. Intelsat is the leading provider of satellite services and we are impressed with the capabilities demonstrated by satTRAC,” noted Luis DeSilva, Director, Satellite Operations Intelsat.

satTRAC is a pure software telemetry, ranging, and commanding modem/BBU with all waveform processing accomplished in structured re-usable software modules powered by AMERGINT’s softLINK(TM) architecture. The operational hardware is generic, economical, and highly reliable. Moreover, satTRAC modem/BBUs are more easily cyber-hardened for increased operational security. satTRAC offers satellite manufacturers and operators a modern pure software architecture delivering increased reliability and reduced total life-cycle cost.

satTRAC modem/BBUs do not require an export license for international sales.

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About AMERGINT Technologies
AMERGINT provides software-defined signal/protocol processing, telemetry, and commanding solutions for space/satellite ground infrastructure, test, launch, simulation/emulation, and data acquisition markets. For more information or to arrange a satTRAC demonstration, contact Jeff Papenfuss directly at 719-522-2812. AMERGINT Technologies is an employee owned company based in Colorado Springs, Colorado.