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SOFTLINK Technology
SOFTLINK is the integrated development environment used to build softFEP and satTRAC applications. Code generation technology produces consistent, reliable software.
Define Interfaces
Each SwD's interfaces are defined in SOFTLINK's markup language. The software ICD is auto-generated.
Code Generation
SOFTLINK's code generators produce the SwD template that includes all control/status and data interface processing.
Incorporate Processing
The SwD specific processing is added into the code-generated SwD. There's round-trip protection as the interfaces are defined.
Build Processing Chains
Python scripts connect the SwDs into processing chains to build the Apps.
GUI Builder
Auto-generated and user customizable drag-and-drop GUIs allow users to quickly exercise softFEP Apps.


TestExec Framework
TestExec manages the full test environment from procedure development and organization through to execution and reporting.
Maturity and Reliability
Multi-level verification testing exercises SwDs, processing chains, and Apps.
All Products Delivered With a Suite of Built-In Tests
Some of the same tests that we use to perform verification testing get delivered with the product. The tests are fully automated. TestExec auto-generates beautiful test reports.
Emulation Apps
Model most aspects of a space communications system, including ground networks, antenna sites, space-ground links, and satellites.
Virtual Machines
Extend from a single satellite contact to a full constellation.
Risk Reduction
Exercise and test your control center software. Train your operations staff.