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Application Development

  • Our Product Apps connect building block software devices into processing chains.
  • Code generation technology produces software with maturity and reliability.
  • Delivered Apps are differentiated by customer-configurable processing and editable user interfaces.



SwDlab Code Generators

Each software device (SwD) is code generated, leaving only the “algorithm” portion to be programmed. The SwDlab code generators also produce test and user interface software.

SwD Libraries

There are more than 700 SwDs in our SwDlab libraries. Product applications are often specific to a satellite and draw upon this extensive set of building blocks.

Customer Configurability

Our customers can customize and modify the processing by adding, deleting, and re-ordering software devices. No recompilation is needed.


Customize the displays with any softFEP
or satTRAC system

  • Customers edit the displays and create new ones with the a drag-and-drop editor.
  • Dropping any software device onto the canvas immediately provides access to all control and status parameters.
  • Whether for troubleshooting or operations, the GUI Visualizer creates user-specific displays.


Drag and Drop Editing

Our SOFTLINK Application Development Process

Define Interfaces
Our markup language defines each SwD's APIs.

Code Generate
Generate the SwD’s C++ template with data, control, and status interfaces.

Add Processing
Write the SwD’s processing section with round trip protection.

Build Chains
Connect and order the SwDs into Apps using Python scripts.

Document and Deliver
User documentation is auto-generated from the source code.