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  • Our TestExec Framework ensures softFEP and satTRAC products have extensive verification testing.
  • The factory test suites are delivered to our customers with each product.
  • Using the framework, customers can extend the TestExec Test Scripts.
  • There is an extensive library of existing signal and digital data processing Test Scripts.


TestExec Features

Requirements Mapping

Requirements from your specifications are linked to TestExec tests to track their pass/fail status.

Test Scripts

Automated test sequences are built from one or more Python-based test scripts.

Test Reports

The “As Run” test steps, measurements, and results are compiled into auto-generated test reports.


TestExec enables comprehensive testing of the softFEP and satTRAC Applications

We developed TestExec specifically to verify SwDs, processing chains, and full Apps. This enables more in-depth, focused testing of the products.

Parameterized test scripts allow for multiple test executions, for example testing a modem over a range of signal to noise ratios.

The framework is designed for automation so that it can be used for regression testing of product updates delivered to you during the product life cycle.


Data Generators
Domain-specific data generators stimulate the unit or system under test.

Test Measurements
Connect to spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, and other measurement equipment.

Test Results
View the test results using text, tables, graphs, and charts.

Stored Test Reports
Past test runs are archived and easily accessible.