System Emulation

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  • SOFTLINK Emulation Apps are used in support of systems engineering, analysis, and validation.
  • Emulation provides a powerful risk reduction capability, particularly for customers fielding new multi-satellite constellations.
  • Leverage the extensive SOFTLINK SwD libraries and signal/data generation and propagation tools.


How do you exercise the new applications being developed to control, monitor, and operate a satellite constellation when there are no satellites yet? Answer: Emulate the system!


Model satellites, space-ground links, and ground communications networks to emulate managing a full constellation and the ground assets.

The emulation can connect in your sophisticated satellite simulators.

Incremental Implementation

The system emulation is crafted incrementally and easily scales by adding more virtual machines running the Apps.

Dynamically exercise and validate the new fleet management, ground payload, and TT&C software as those applications are developed.

Migrate to Operations

SOFTLINK emulation applications easily migrate to become the operational applications for modem, gateway, and front end processing.